Sunday Morning Worship Services begin with:

AWAKENING – 8:30am until 9:30am

This is a worship service that allows the “Church Family” to worship in a relaxed environment in our church fellowship hall. We invite you to come early for breakfast that is prepared each Sunday to get us up and going for the service to come……breakfast begins at 8:00am, there is always food for the late comers. There is entertainment with puppets, (come see Tina the Toucan) organ music by Holly and the Holy Rollers which includes our pastor and his band playing the guitars, drums, and percussion instruments… and of course our “Church Family.” Come dressed as you are and sing, clap, eat and worship God in a loving, relaxed, family environment that provides something for all ages. We welcome new members and ideas to keep our worship service growing with God’s word and enjoying each other.



Sunday School 9:45AM

There is a class for all age groups: Nursery, Beginner, Primary, Junior, Junior High, Senior High, Young Adults, Men’s and Ladies Bible Classes.
Share in the reading of God’s word in the Bible and experience learning from our own Church Scholars. This will help you understand how wonderful our Lord is and how we interact as Christians in the world today spreading the news about God. Come join in spirit, voice and song by worshiping together.







Sunday Morning Worship Service 11:00AM

Come join in a worship service that allows for a more formal worship to God. Greeted at the door by a team of church members, you are welcomed to come in and take part in the service with prayer, song and worship to the Lord. We encourage groups of all ages to join in our worship service by singing, collecting offerings, and sharing about their families and what God means to them. Our minister George Walton has a wonderful message each Sunday and delivers a message to our youth in Children’s church. Kids say the funniest things …….come hear what they say to Rev. George.

Nursery is provided for children under four and Children’s church for ages fewer than eleven.

The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is celebrated on the First Sunday of each quarter.


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